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Children's Apparel with #Attitude! and there's even FREE SHIPPING!
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About #Mavwear

I am a rookie dad for my first son Maverick, born in June 2014.

Over a year later, my second son, Mateo, was born in November 2015. 

Like most fathers, changing diapers and early morning feedings were never fun but you had to do your part on being a father. We all want the very best for our children, I particularly like to show off my beautiful sons to the world, and what they wear should be mostly different. I'm the type of dad who sometimes cannot rely on mommy to buy them clothes when I see other kids wearing the same thing from the clearance section at a department store.

I like to find cool and unique styles I rarely see when I shop therefore I decided, why not design my own apparel for kids? So, in April 2015, I created #Mavwear.

Mavwear.com is an online apparel shop for people who also have a little maverick in them. Going out of the grid of the typical designs of cutesy animals, monster trucks, and anything else you always see on the shelves. I hope you find our designs unique and different and get people to notice your kids as mavericks and say, "Hey, that's a cool shirt he's wearing. Where did you get it?"

Although this company is a closet, we'll always strive for creativity and innovation to keep going forward and will always have a shoebox full of post-it notes of ideas. This is a maverick company, we also give back to the community. Your business today will help children with special needs and keep a hungry animal fed.

Our designs have #hashtag titles that you can tag on social media for all the world to see.

Let these designs be reflections in your everyday life! 

We very much appreciate your business! Many, many thanks from #Mavwear!