The #Progress

     It's been a while since my last post and aware my status report is crucial for the business, so yes, I'm overdue for this latest blog post. Originally, I wanted to post about world events relations to Mavwear but then we had a chain of events unfolding. This year has to be one our darkest years in history. Tragic event after tragic event kept coming through. I reached out to promoters in Orlando to help raise money for the victims' families for the terrorist attack. I would've loved for them to reach back to me but then we had the Bastille Day attack in France. Then the bombing in Syria when we all saw that battered boy inside that ambulance. That image prompt me to come up with the #Hope collection. I feel like this collection is an ant's voice trying to tell the world, "Please Give All Children Hope". But this collection will very soon be re-released to help raise money for the Save The Children Organization. And that's the business I like to run, the type that gives back to those in need.

My "writer's block" with art and blogs became a plague until the conclusion of the Summer Olympics, a USA design was too late to release (until now, as a zip hoodie). I was told how difficult it can be to run an online business on your own so obviously that hit me pretty hard. It's overwhelming of course. I just told a few people recently that my ideas is like an iceberg beneath the water's surface and is the small tip peaking out of the water. I've realized I've underestimated my own creativity to the point I need help. I need a TEAM. To assemble "The Avengers" team for Mavwear. So if you're interested, I'm still hiring.

1. I'm looking for a number 2 associate who's just as a passionate maverick as myself.

2. In need an expert in social media relations for marketing.

3. Need a media associate for music and work along side the marketer for video ads for YouTube.

4. A Web developer to help me with HTML, although I somewhat understand it myself, I just need someone to proofread anything I do and make corrections.

5. A primary artist. 

Number 5 is an interesting one. I had a HS rival sketch artist named Levi Smith. He now owns a local tattoo parlor called the Jade Monkey. He's a phenomenal artist. Anyway, my idea was to recruit him and I can digitize his work and sell. Although I was afraid he had no time for me, running his business, he actually agreed to help me, which I'm very excited and grateful for. We collaborated on a few of his designs and mine as well, and hope to release them very soon. Levi is not my primary artist yet, but he's the type who wants to get his feet wet first before he plunges in, and that's understanding. 

Ideas for this year's Presidential Election is a bit too late to release but i'll make a page of the "Rejected Ideas" and place them there for you to see. I'm happy about the website's new look that got a lot of attention and it's out of the boring white we've grown adapted to. I'm also excited about our new Fall Collection which consist of mostly sweater wear for adults. And a few more designs have been released for adults to cater to the demand. I've been asked, "What about adults?" too many times. MAV+ is the other page for what the Mavwear brand can put its name other than the traditional shirt apparel.

The pic I've used for this blog is the list of some of the designs released since my last blog post. And right now, at my current progress, I'm very happy and excited for the upcoming Holiday Season! People have reached out to me for their support (although not permanent) I'm very grateful and fuels me even more to get these designs out! Nothing but positive vibes coming in for Mavwear and we want you to see more of our light when we all come out of this year's dark tunnel.

So please be safe this Halloween, have lots of fun, and I promise my next blog post will be out faster next time!