A Brand New Start

I hope the past year was just as enjoyable than what some of us experienced. I'm very sure you're very happy to get this fresh one started just like me. The few years since this brand started, it's been progressing forward slowly but surely. I'm just going to continue on designing and learning more about this adventure.

I'm happy to see the responses for some of the latest designs to close out 2016. This motivates me more and stirs up my creativity even further! Please spread the word and share these designs and tell your friends to watch for this brand. Maybe you'll see more of this in stores near you! Keep in mind that this is mostly a KIDS' brand. I'll dish out some styles for the adults because of the demand but ideas always hit me everyday with mostly kids' apparel.

So what's the best that came out of 2016? The #BestOf2016 design was made for any newborn that came into this world that shines a light in one mankind's darkest years. So if you have a new one or know someone who does, pick one up!

I'll go ahead and say that mavwear's 4th quarter has failed but i'm very /'happy with the public's awareness. There's an opportunity for improvement of releasing collections we're working on so the timing can be more efficient. A brand new year is a brand new start. Brand new design ideas on the table, brand new page to keep things fresh, and a new structure in operations for the year I'm excited about. So I hope your lives will do the same, a brand new start with better improvements to take on.

We got some new ideas for the upcoming "Loving/Irish" season upon us but in the meantime, enjoy what's new in all categories! 

2017 is the year to #SHINE! Either for your kid/s or even yourself! So let's make it happen!