Happy Mother's Day from #Mavwear!


It's that time of the year again to thank and honor all mothers of the world! This country celebrated it's Mother's Day this past Sunday and some countries are celebrating it today and tomorrow. Therefore, since it's Mother's Day somewhere on Earth, it's not too late to for me to post a dedication to all my important mothers in my life.

First picture is myself and my mother on my wedding day 4 years ago.

Second is also from my wedding, from left is my sister Nina, my (newly mothered) cousin Erica, middle is my cousin Renee, fourth is my mom again, and last but definitely never least, is my big sister Angela.

The third picture is one of my favorites. This was taken on Angela's wedding. I forgot who took this pic but this one included (from left top) my mother-in-law Estella, my mother standing next to her, bottom left is my late grandmother Mary, and next to her is my wife Michele. I was very happy my grandmother made it out and met with my wife and her family. At that time, we didn't know that would be her last outing very sadly. This was taken before my wedding in which she was very weak to attend.

And the fourth picture is of course my wife Michele, that's it.

Just kidding, she has our boys Maverick and Mateo in her arms and I see this picture and I'm forever grateful. She puts up a lot for these boys and backs me up 100% even when sometimes I struggle doing my part. Michele, I love you very much and I'm forever grateful for everything you do for myself and our boys!

Ok, there's my Mother's Day post for the day, have a great week everyone!