has launched! Welcoming #Mavwear's First MavOnesie: The #WatchMe

Finally! #Mavwear has launched with my personal collection of MavOnesies! This is my first design, I call it the #WatchMe. I was experimenting with photos and figuring out what would be my first image and hashtag. So I thought what better way to make #mavwear's debut than to start with an image of my inspiration, my 1st son Maverick. I chose the hashtag, #WatchMe as a message for everyone to watch their kids at all times. And also, my son happens to like the song as well!
For now, starting with onesies ages 3 to 24 months but working on more apparel designs and options for kids of all ages! Designs are created by Nick Salazar.
A portion from all proceeds will go to our own Arizona Humane Society for animal shelter.
Please keep checking up on my blog where I will be introducing more collections, designs, news and updates.